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Verse Hotels is dedicated in providing you a Hotel staying experience that you can always depend on for a good quality stay, no matter where and when you require it. We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining our brands with the support true Hotel professionals that we have in our disposal, all for the sake of giving you Hotel brands that you can trust. Our entire brands (Verse Lite, Verse Hotels, and Verse Luxe) feature Hotels with chic and minimalist modern style, all of which are supplemented by friendly staff, great facilities, and services that pay attention to even the smallest of details; all designed to ensure you that you can always find a place to call home with whenever you see the name Verse Hotels.

What to do


At the end of an exhausting day, you can experience the simple pleasures of a soft bed and snug pillows that feel velvet to a touch, or pleasant showers that warm the skin. Each vicinity of the hotel was designed to cater to your needs to make life a little easier. Feel free to wander to chance upon that perfect spot.


When great minds, good friends, and big hearts get together in a single space it will be a moment you want to remember. Regardless of the event, whether it be: conferences, parties, or weddings, we can make that happen. Bring in the company and let us worry about the finer details.


Live for flavor, fusion, and fun? If so, you have the options ranging from stylish fine dining or comforting soul food, to casual cocktails or afternoon tea. Local or international, savory or sweet- the choices here will excite your taste buds and quench your thirst. And before you know it, you will return for more epicurean adventures with us.


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